Ewelina Weglarz-Tomczak

Founder & CSO

Founder and CSO at NatInLab.
M.Sc. in Medicinal Chemistry
Ph.D. in Biochemistry
P.D. in Industrial Pharmacy
Postdoc in Systems Biology

10+ years experience in Biomolecular Science (drug discovery, biochemistry, proteases, systems biology)
5+ years as the principal investigator in projects that led to identification of pro-drugs
5+ years experience in EU-co-funded grants

Devon R. Visser


CBO at NatInLab.
VWO in Economy and Society
B.Sc. in International Business (ongoing)

2+ years experience in business development and consultancy
1+ years experience in leading a company
2+ years experience in tutoring

Jakub M. Tomczak


An advisor acting as CTO at NatInLab.
M.Sc. in Computer Science
Ph.D. in Machine Learning
Postdoc in Deep Generative Modeling

10+ years experience in AI (deep learning, deep generative modeling, data science)
3+ years experience in industry (e.g., Qualcomm)
4+ years experience in EU-co-funded grants

Katarzyna Abrantes-Mendes


An advisor at NatInLab.
M.Sc. in Sociology/Market Research & Communication
M.Sc. in Management and Operations

10+ years experience in marketing and public relations
5+ years experience in project management

Demi Rijlaarsdam


A researcher in NatInLab.
B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences
M.Sc. in Medical Biology

3+ years experience in Biomolecular Science (biochemistry, systems biology, in vitro evaluation)

Looking for


Our company develops new treatments according to our new paradigm. To achieve that goal, we need researchers that share our vision and passion. If you would like to join a thriving team that conducts innovative research please contact us! Positions coming soon, monitor our website!


Anna Maria Colangelo


An expert and an advisor at NatInLab.
Postdoc in Neurobiology
Habilitation in Biochemistry
Professor in Biochemistry/Neurobiology

30+ years experience in Neurobiology (neurodegenerative and neurological diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, neuroinflammation, neuropharmacology)
20+ years as a head of a laboratory of neuroscience
15+ years as a professor (currently a full professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca)