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About NatInLab

NatInLab is developing the next generation of protease inhibitors therapeutics for a broad spectrum of diseases (viral infections, neurodegenerative diseases, and oncology). Within our AI-powered platform, we discover the principles of the regulatory mechanism of particular highly specified protease and create a new cutting-edge inhibitor with high activity, selectivity, and safety profile.

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NatInLab Research

In NatInLab, we perform high-tech research to discover the mechanism for controlling highly specified proteases. Based on those discoveries we are able to create novel medicines with high safety profiles. Proteases are enzymes that hydrolyze peptide bonds in a process that can result, not only, in the degradation of the protein target but also in the (de)activation, and regulation of many biochemical pathways such as antigen processing, signaling, post-translational modification, or deubiquitination. Studying protease regulation is crucial for understanding the mechanisms of disease development and to create effective and safe drugs.

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