Our approach

In NatInLab, we create and follow a new approach that is based on understanding and supporting the cell self-regulation of proteolytic processes in the human body.

Our laboratory focuses on the research of proteolytic pathways in humans, viruses, and other pathogens, and the discovery of the principles of their control. Proteolysis is involved in maintaining the proper functioning of the cell, unregulated lead to the development of many life-threatening diseases. The orthologs expressed by pathogens such as coronaviruses play a critical role in the invasion and replication.

In our approach, we study the regulatory system of the relevant proteolytic path. We discover its control mechanism and regulators. Further, we use this knowledge to design innovative controllers with high safety status.

Why proteases?

Proteolysis instigates irreversible changes to a set of protein substrates that alters their function and generate the required biological event. Unregulated proteolysis leads to the development of diseases.

The elevated activity of many human highly specified proteases has been correlated with pathological disorders (cancer, Parkinson, Alzheimer).

Viral orthologs are critical for replication (e.g. SARS, West Nile Fever, Denga). Bacterial orthologs are correlated with the invasion of pathogen (e.g., Meningitis).