Developing the next generation of protease inhibitors therapeutics

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What makes us unique?

We are an ambitious biopharmaceutical company with cutting-edge technology capable of creating the next generation of protease inhibitors therapeutics


Our claim

Many diseases are developed due to the lack of certain compounds that regulate proteolytic pathways

Our goal

We discover the regulatory mechanism and based on those discoveries, we develop new medicines

Our approach

Understanding the mechanism of cell self-regulation of the relevant proteolytic pathway

Our technology

AI-powered medicinal chemistry


Neurodegenerative diseases

We have developed new inhibitors of proteases that play crucial role in neurodegenerative disesases

Cancer research

We have developed new computational technology for identifying causal influences of nutrition & microbiome on cancer growth

Medicinal Chemistry Services

We can help your company with custom synthesis, in vitro evaluation, cell-based models, and more

Medicinal Chemistry Consulting

We can consult your company in designigning synthesis pathways, formulating pre-clinical studies, and more


Dr. Ewelina Weglarz-Tomczak

Science & Leadership
Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Iffat Rose Gill

Business & Strategy
Business Developer

Caroline van Wingerde

Research & Development
Research Associate

Stacy Maciel

Research & Development
Research Associate

Advisory Board

Prof. Anna Maria Colangelo

Advisor in Neurobiology
University of Milano-Bicocca

Prof. Marten Smidt

Advisor in Neuroscience
University of Amsterdam

Assoc. Prof. Jakub Tomczak

Principal Scientist, AI
Eindhoven University of Technology

Dr. Marc Roelofs

Investment Manager
UvA AMC HvA Ventures Holding BV


Our Address

Science Park, Amsterdam

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